The Way Through Experience

Participate in this exciting, innovative ”Way Through Experience” that will take you to the power of who you are!

Are you experiencing deep loss?
Are you frustrated and feeling stuck?
Do you spend more time being angry than being at peace?
Is your past ruining your present and stealing your joy?

Take control of your life.
Face your fears.
Kill your inner demons.

Finally find and appreciate your authentic, creative, confident self.
Be willing to stand on the edge of who you are and choose who you would like to become.

It’s challenging, it’s unorthodox, and IT WORKS!
The Way Through Experience has been on-going since 1989. It has transformed thousands of lives.

Space is limited, so reserve your place today. Invest in yourself because


Here's What People Are Saying

"After having gone through The Way Through experience, I can say that it impacted not only the work I knew I had to do on myself, but also the layers that I didn’t realize existed that were probably more damaging to my psyche. TWT allowed me to gain that awareness of these other patterns which began a course of me working on much more than I actually set out on addressing. It’s a shortfall to call it life changing work. It truly is soul transformational work."

Bob Sima

"When I attended my first workshop 15 years ago, it changed my life and gave me the courage to speak up. Scott and the facilitators were incredibly intuitive about knowing just how much baggage was holding back my happiness or success in life--and then gave me tools for letting those things go. Since then, I have sent staff and team members...they all have been grateful for the new vision for their life!!!I recommend this to everyone! It's so important. Every one of us needs to take care of ourselves. We all have our own personal blind spots that could use some self-love and understanding, but it starts with you!"

Shannon Procise


What should I expect?

One of the first things we tell people is to drop your expectations. We really can't tell you what to expect in your workshop because it is different for everyone. It depends on what you bring to the workshop and how "in" you are. What we can tell you to expect is a safe environment created to allow you to move through emotional baggage and step into your inner power. There will be multiple opportunities created to show you different perspectives of who you are inside. The Way Through Experience follows a process started in the 1980's and has proven itself time and time again. Decades and thousands of workshops later it is still revealinig what we like to call "Beautiful Shiny People". 

Is this experience religious?

The Way Through Experience is an inclusive experience and is not based on a religion. All religions and belief systems are respected throughout the process. It is about you and your personal growth.

Will there be physical activity?

The Way Through Experience incorporates some light movement work throughout. Experiences can be modified to accomodate movement restrictions. 

Is there an age requirement?

Participants should be 18 years or older. With guardian consent and a determination interview 15.